Oct 9, 2014

Cycling Tour in West Coast Malaysia Video!


Aug 27, 2014



Start point: Kuala Lumpur (KL) home

End point: Port Dickson (PD) Sea Front Hotel (RM85 per night)-- www.pdhotelseafront.com/

Total distance: 109km
Date: 24/7/2014


For the route from Kuala Lumpur to Port Dickson can be vary, so I can only show the place we past by.

After penetrate through the heavy traffic towards city center via Jalan Kuching in early morning, we have past by the Kelab Diraja Malaysia, Chinese Assembly Hall, etc.

Then, connected to sungai besi highway (unavoidable) past by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and few others university, via route B48 then connected to route 5 and all the way reaching PD.

In between, we stop by Sepang town have our lunch-- Ah Fai Chicken rice (Restoran Keak Fui)

The food is quite good, and the boss is very supportive and chat a lot with us. Unfortunately we have our 1st tire burst after lunch, yet luckily is not at middle of road, so I can repair under the shade and have tire pumped at near by motor shop.

Eventually, after long ride under the sun, we reached PD sea front hotel safe and sound, around 5pm.

The room is clean, facing the sea view, decent queen size bed, A/C, water heater, wifi provided.

We parked our bikes at the lobby area and locked, because we were staying at 1st floor, and there is no lift. Of course, if you worry about your bike, you can put in your room.

There are not much restaurant to choose in walking distance. So, we simply settle our dinner at near by mamak (Hassan Murtabak) and surprisingly the Nasi Goreng Kampung is pretty delicious! Thumbs up!

After all, we got ourself a can of beer and sit beside the seaside, relaxxxxxxx~~~

DAY 2 & 3

Start point: Port Dickson (PD) Sea Front Hotel

End point: Melaka Chong Hou Hotel (RM60~70 per night)-- http://www.virtualtourist.com/hotels/Asia/Malaysia/Negeri_Melaka/Melaka-1281809/Hotels_and_Accommodations-Melaka-Chong_Hoe_Hotel-BR-1.html

Total distance: 85km
Date: 25/7/2014


The road we took from Port Dickson to Melaka is via route 5 all the way and connected to M143.

Half way, we detour to the Eagle Ranch Resort, a wonderful to stay but it was another 25km away from the Sea Front Hotel.

There is a virgin beach behind the resort, I took a morning swim there with my bike pant on! hahahah~awesome!

 In between, we crossed the border between Negeri Sembilan and Melaka, a ship head were spotted beside the road.

According to our GPS, nearby Kuala Sungai Baru, there is a shortcut crossing between M143, after a detour checking out the route, it was the army camp, they show no mercy for cyclist to pass through. So, we were forced to take the longer road to continue.

Yet, lost and gain, we spotted a fruit stall selling lots of fruits! Well, let me tell u, WATERMELON is a wise choice while you cycling. It contain a lots of juice compare to other kind of fruit and it can cold down our body quick and long lasting.

After a long ride without stop, we decided to stop at Donald & Lily restaurant to have our lunch. We ordered their signature cendol and some other side dishes.

Then, we had a great conversation with the boss, Mr. Donald. He is a funny guy =)

Around 4pm, we reached Melaka town and straight away cycle to the booked guesthouse (Jalan Jalan Guesthouse), unfortunately they claimed that non of my booking were recorded and the guesthouse is fulled, instead of playing as a victim story there, without further delay we got another guesthouse along the road, Chong Hou Hotel. It was cheaper and cleaner, so we are satisfied.

Our guesthouse is just behind the Jonker Street, facing a unique mosque, Masjid Kampung Kling. This is a perfect spot to stay. Everything is just walking distance away.

 I did read a good blog post by Ah Xian, http://www.axian.my/axians-food-adventure/item/121--old-malacca-maps

We stayed 2 days in Melaka because Melaka town have so many food to eat and place to go.

Wonder how are we going around the jonker street at day time? Cycle again?? NO!

We rent the electric scooter for RM25 each bike. It can last for 20km ride, time not limited. Top speed 25km/h. --

It was fun. MUST TRY!

.......................we ate a lot until night time and met new friend from Taiwan.


Start point: Melaka Chong Hou Hotel

End point: Muar Town

Total distance: 50km
Date: 27/7/2014


After two days stop at Melaka town, we continue our journey to Muar town via route 5 again. 50km was a short ride and relax one, so we did detour few time and go very slow, just enjoy the view along the way ^^

In between the border of Melaka and Johor, there was a crystal clear river crossover and we decided to swim again even the people there said possibly crocodiles might appear!!!

After crossing another big river, we reached Muar town and meet up with our family, ended our cycling tour there. Then we continue move on to Singapore by car...no more cycling...hahaha~