Oct 12, 2012

Earlier stages of Kai Greene, glad that he took 2nd place in this year Mr. O

am looking forward for 2013 Mr.0--Kai!!!

Kai Greene: A Day in the Life (MUST WATCH)

Lastest video of Kai Greene--The Pure Enthusiast

Oct 2, 2012

Bodybuilding Tips

This is a video of an great overall bodybuilding tips**

from Dorian Yates--The Mr. Olympia winner of 92' to 97'

Feb 5, 2012

Why and how to get 2nd road bike(bicycle)? *general idea*

Buying a bicycle is a big deal if you're going to invest some $$ on it,
what I mean is buying a bicycle with RM thousand over price tag.
Somehow, some bikes are even expensive than a car, think about it~

I used to do many research before getting myself any bikes or parts.
Best place to do all those research and buying is www.bicyclebuysell.com

With limited budget, road bike is seriously a expensive toy to invest,
spend wisely I would recommended.
e.g. a pair of middle range of tires can cost you RM150++ or higher range RM300-400 anytime.
       OR a saddle (seat) middle range around RM100-200, better one RM400-500 & above.

Eventually, 2nd hand bikes or goods become a greater deal,
lower price and greater bikes/parts, WHY NOT?!

After some time, while you going to sell them out again, won't lost too much as well.

Here are some precautions to be made if you deal with someone online/COD:

  • 1st. Check how much is the price of the bike while brand new, then compare.

  • 2nd. If buy online, check if the dealer trustable, they're some scams around.
**Note copy from BBS**:

[Sellers, be careful potential buyers who offer to purchase at high price but require you to first send money to a 3rd party for whatever reason (customs clearance, shipping, etc). These are scams.

The safest way to buy anything is to meet up with the seller in person and inspect the item yourself. Transfer money to an unknown seller at your own risk.

Buyer/seller in UK + Western Union = SCAM

Email from PayPal saying you'll be charged if you don't send money = SCAM.

Anything too good to be true = SCAM. ]

  • 3rd. If COD, safety 1st, choose public place for dealing, then, of course check the condition of the bikes/goods, see whether got crash before, original or replica. Then, remember to NEGO for your own benefit, hehe...(mind game involve!)

  • 4th. Deal on the spot or Wait for your parcel arrive to your doorstep if via mailing.

  • 5th. With your helmet ON!~ENJOY CYCLING^^~