Dec 18, 2011

What's your goal?

Dec 16, 2011

Why workout/gym/bodybuilding?

I do pause my workout daily routine once in a while,
sometime is a workout routine which I pause and continue for better boost after it,
however, sometime is because I'm off to my uni and automatically off to workout.

Well, I do plagued by lots of bad habit and emotions while I'm off training,
its because  I already take workout as my daily lifestyle,
whenever I'm not doing it, I just feel bad, non-productive everyday.
Whole body system seems not functioning well, that bad!!

Find less motivate to wake up early and sleep early,
less motivate to eat well and to drink plenty of water,
I start to lose some muscle weight,
looking upset inside the mirror,
ALL because I didn't workout! that's the problem!

SO, the reason everyone should have workout or doing sports is because:

It will keep you motivated everyday,
give you great reason to being good at every aspect of your lifestyle,
eat all nutrition stuff, sleep well, wake up early for some light jogging or stretching
and meet some great person who doing the same as you,
every parts of it are providing +ve energy to us.

After that, back to what your job, study, business or whatsoever,
at the noon or night, go hit the gym, get some sweat,
fuel yourself with some good food, protein shakes, and get some sleep.

The lifestyle for a sportsmen I would said,
it is so much more healthier, motivated, discipline day after day.
Keep yourself in good shape and it might add bonus to your life~

Bonus to your career, lifestyle, family, relationship, lots more good times that are coming quietly.
Going better and better, and you going to be happy and happier, that's the point!peeps!


Aug 24, 2011

How to start gym?!

Fairly simple question that many people frequently asked-- How To Gym?

Every starting point might seem complicated when you have know nothing about it,
same to start doing gym.

So, bear in mind with 3 simple yet hard thing,

1st. Work Out
2nd. Eat
3rd. Sleep/ Rest

Or I would like to say "SEX"--Sleep, Eat, EXercise!

1st. Work Out (p/s: for female is the same)

When you heard of work out/ gym, what's come to your mind? All those weight only?!
Here, simple separation into two kind,
which is weight training and cardio.

So, get a mirror and look at yourself, what do you want to looks like inside the mirror?!
Are you overweight? or too skinny? or just want to keep fit and get healthier? or train for some sport's activity?

For you that is overweight, focus more on cardio, which is explained well in this video by Scooby:

Well, weight training is equally important for you to build bigger muscle, thus, increase metabolism rate which burn more fat from you.

For you that is skinny, main focus is on building muscle not cardio workout,
so, 1st thing to know is the anatomy of your body structure,
(You won't really build and engage your body well unless you study it first, worst case scenario causes injury)

there're 3 big muscles group on your body, chest, back and thigh, the rest consider as small muscle group.

As an example of myself, I go 3/4 times a week,

Mon: focus on 1 of my big muscle group, chest.
         Do few exercises focus on the chest,
         (go for 3/4 sets of 8-12 reps, for training fitness level and muscle growth)
         then, do some small group such as triceps, abs.   End with 15mins cardio

Wed: focus on another big muscle group, back.
         same as before, do few exercises only on back.

         then, follow by shoulder and abs. End with 15mins cardio.

Thur: focus on last big muscle group, thighs.
         hit them hard on classic workout plan, few exercises.

         then, follow by calf, abs. End with 15 mins cardio

Fri: extra focus on both arms.

Training can be vary, simply youtube or google it!

2nd, Eat

Eat separate into two also, solid food and supplements.

Remember! supplements will never overtake the solid foods.

Solid food for bulking, is to eat more portion and many meals. "Eat Big to Get Big" for skinny people

More intake on protein and carbs.

Then, main supplement will be like whey protein ,mass protein, and casein protein.

Whey is low calories, high protein
Mass is high calories, high protein *both are fast react protein, drink b4 or after workout

Casein is slow react protein for better result.

for skinny, you'll need more calories to work out + gain weight, might be fat or muscle if you doesn't choose your food.

So, for overweight person, you'll need protein too~to repair your muscle tissue after workout.

Other supplements are multi-vits, mineral, calcium, vit-C, fish oil are important too!!

And of cause, H2O, water is fairly important too!! drink few Liter a day!

Same thing go for here--do online research on it is much more easier.

3rd. Sleep/ Rest

You muscle will not grow is you didn't rest well! sleep at least 5 hours per day, 8 hours the best!

And sleep at the right time, meaning sleep early and wake up early.

OKAY, though just 3 simple steps but it can branch to many others details, so here is just a rough idea of how to start gym...will HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to google search and youtube for how to workout.

Some magazine helps too!

DO WATCH THIS VIDEO for don't being silly to believe fast-achieving-result program!

So, hope I help to solve some of your basic doubt.

Aug 21, 2011

Gym at Setapak, Wangsa Maju (Energy Fitness Gym)

The 2nd Gym room that I found great at Setapak, Wangsa Maju area is this "Energy Fitness Gym"

which is a alternative work out place for me to go for legs work out usually, because weight plates there is simply more and easy-access-able, compare to Muscular gym, their weight plates which are lesser, you have to walk around to take those weights.

2nd: Energy Fitness Gym at Kota Danau

 The ground floor of the gym room is a car service shop lot, beside is the restoran "A-Malik" mamak.

The entrance staircase is at between these 2 shop lots. Then, it is up on 3rd floor, up on a "Bintang Gemilang" karaoke singing place.

 The gym room working hour, which I believe the morning section is removed due to lack of customers (pls go confirm again if you're an early bird)

 Entry fees is RM5 for normal costumer, RM4 for student if you shows your student ID,
 then, RM0.50 is for locker rental, last time they return it back but now they charge RM0.50.
Don't lost the key for your locker while training!

RM50 for register and RM70 for monthly fees (still not worth for me) I rather pay per entry and go whatever gym room I like anytime by not getting stuck with the fees if I paid earlier.

The huge free-weight area with large mirror.

 Tons of machines to use, go and check it out for yourselves! chest, back, shoulder, abs, legs, hands, there are more machines than Muscular Gym. Some are new, some are classic.

6 disc cycling machine there facing out of the view (perhaps road) haha..

 The for members only cardio area. There are shirts, soda, mineral water selling at the counter beside and same over-pricing protein selling there.

 Well, the toilet is disgusting I can say, I don't see any shower area, the dim lighting there make me feels sleepy, some broken machine throw around,  is hot sometime because the ceiling is low yet is a great place to training and go hard! forget about those facilities and they do provide great machines and free-weights!

Same thing, don't expect for hot chicks, and expect for some "incredible hulk" there. Anyhow, focus on your training, eat well, rest well, be a healthy and better person, there are lots of hot chick outside gym room waiting for you, peace...brothers!! haha...

Gym at Setapak, Wangsa Maju (Muscular Gym)

There were once I struggle in finding some info about gym room at Setapak, Wangsa Maju area gym room.

So, I went to all gym room around there, 1 at steven corner closed long time ago, 2 gym room near by metroview, 1 at alpha angle, 2 at sri rampai (which 1 called Spartan gym I believe is closed due to the gym room I share below is greater), 1 at kota danau, and of cause I do pay a visit to Celebrity Fitness at Wangsa Walk, guess what?!

The fees is simply too expensive for me.

After my own experience tried out all the gym rooms, I would like to blog it and share it, this 2 places are the best I can found. Hopefully can give you guys some clues.

1st. Muscular Gym at Sri Rampai, Rampai Business Park 
      (near by the Old Town White Coffee Cafe) 
      The BOSS FB:

 it is behind the "KK" restaurant and ground floor of it is "Max Automart" (car accessories shop)

 One best thing is the entry fees, RM4 once! if I'm not mistaken monthly fees is RM75 and registration RM150 which is not worth it. (p/s: most of the gym rooms there are RM4/entry)

Then, by collecting the tickets every time you enter, 10 tickets free for 1 2L mineral water.

 This is the dumb-bell, free weight area.

 Nice machines are available there, for chest, shoulder, leg, biceps, back, abs..great and functioning.

 The dumb-bell area, but the treadmill is for members only. (anyway, go jogging at outdoor then!)

 the multi-function station

 One thing that annoy me sometimes is when you work out during peak hours (after 6pm)
see tons of people working out there. ( expect during Puasa season and rainy day)

 This is the rack a.k.a. No-lock locker, don't bring too fancy stuff there kay! they do sell some chilled soda drinks, mineral water and protein (that is over-priced, hahah...don't buy). Plus, don't ever go into the counter and try to grab those bars, the in-charge guy will scold you like hell!

Besides, there is a great weight scale that allow you to keep tracking your weight as one of my Must-Do-Thing there every time.

 have a TV hanging there to let you simply have a glance when you're boring, music will be play sometime then alternatively playing some sport channel as well.

 the toilet there is clean and usable, though is simple but what you expect by paying only RM4? appreciate it =) and there is a simple rest area beside, couple of seats and sofa there.

 they've personal trainer there as well, but I don't need one, ask the counter if you need one.
 This is the working hour of the gym room. ( if the time changed, they'll have prior notice)

So, to sum up, it do have great environment, painting of the gym room is quite energetic (white and red), people there are mostly 1 Malaysia, great people and some can actually motivate you, but if you're expecting for hot chick, sorry la bro, you can't see it, because it called Hardcore Gym!

Well, be respect to others, so others will respect you.

"DON'T THROW THE WEIGHT! Such action is so brainless and it will never turn you to a bigger dude also! hehe...take good care of all the stuff!"

Jul 4, 2011

Get your Abs!!!

I found Rob Riches (a fitness model) youtube video is very good and complete,

wanted to share with you guys^^ 

His youtube channel: 
and website:

must watch it all!!! very very useful information and I do learned more!

just watch this whole series of 8 videos, you'll get some idea to have better abs.Cheers!!!

1st vid:Basic knowledge about abs, how it works and how to start training.
                  so, you'll have better idea to get your 6 packs or 8 packs easier.

2nd vid: Lower abs exercise

3rd vid: Upper abs exercise

4th and 5th vid: Superset training on lower abs and oblique

6th vid: Oblique exercise

7th vid: twisting oblique exercise

8th vid: Finalizing pump and some extra tips^^

Jun 27, 2011

Bigger TUNA -- "Telly Tuna"

I have been taking "Ayam Brand Tuna" all the while,

I have tried all its variety,

such as tuna chunks, tuna flakes that store in sunflower oil, olive oil, mineral water, etc.

because it is easier to serve and prepare.

Grab few slides of bread, spread and eat!

BUT, there is a problem when you want to have bigger portion,

and of course pay more to have more, right?!

Finally I found a substitute of it, hehe...instead of 185g/can of "Ayam Brand Tuna",

I bought a 1.85kg/can of "Telly Brand Tuna" which is 10 times more,

the price of each can of "Ayam Brand Tuna" is about RM4.30, so 10cans is RM43,

but I get this "Telly Brand Tuna Chunks" for RM26 at NSK super-market!

If you looking for Tuna Flakes is only RM23!

Better deal is it?!

After some hard time opening it by using the can opener, this is the TUNA CHUNKS inside~

About its nutrition facts, what I focus on is the protein amount: 26kg/100g more or less same as the "Ayam Brand Tuna", because they're both TUNA what!

This is the way I store it up and took a portion of it as my supper.

Here it is, ready to store in the fridge.

Lastly, those tiny little flakes don't waste too! feed my dog! hahaha....

Hope you guys get some idea to prepare a better and cheaper meal by your own,

though it not a very healthy food (can food),

yet it's great for those who looking for better portion of Tuna like me! PROTEIN!!!


Jun 19, 2011

Bulking diet plan

Diet plan of EL LYE~ sounded really insane>
BULKING DIET : 15th oct10

UPON wake up: 6am :
1scoop protein shake (dymatize) + 6pc whole meal bread

breakfast: 8-10egg white(hard boiled) + oats 20spoon(the spoon we eat rice) + 2-4pc whole meal bread + 4amino acid(dymatize) + 2tab (bCAA)(dymatize brand)

2 big bowl of rice + 1pair chicken breast+any vege(steamed no salt no other dressing)

1scoop gainer(dymatize) + 1scoop whey protein( dymatize) +15spoon plain oats

1pm :
same meal as 9am coz i'll b training around 3pm....

pre workout :
protein shake + 12spoon plain oats

post workout :
2scoop whey protein + 1 gainer protein + 18spoon plain oats + 2bowl rice +1 pair chicken breast(eat immediately at gym upon stop training)

6pm :
6yam or 4potato with 1pair chicken breast( grilled no dressing)

730pm :
1scoop protein shake whey and one gainer protein shake + 15spoon plain oats

930pm :
rice + chicken breast one pair.

before bed : casein protein + whey protein+ gainer protein + 10spoon plain oats

try 2 sleep at least 7.5hours per day...not enough sleep u won’t grow too. water per day is 5botol of 1.5lit minimum .