Aug 21, 2011

Gym at Setapak, Wangsa Maju (Energy Fitness Gym)

The 2nd Gym room that I found great at Setapak, Wangsa Maju area is this "Energy Fitness Gym"

which is a alternative work out place for me to go for legs work out usually, because weight plates there is simply more and easy-access-able, compare to Muscular gym, their weight plates which are lesser, you have to walk around to take those weights.

2nd: Energy Fitness Gym at Kota Danau

 The ground floor of the gym room is a car service shop lot, beside is the restoran "A-Malik" mamak.

The entrance staircase is at between these 2 shop lots. Then, it is up on 3rd floor, up on a "Bintang Gemilang" karaoke singing place.

 The gym room working hour, which I believe the morning section is removed due to lack of customers (pls go confirm again if you're an early bird)

 Entry fees is RM5 for normal costumer, RM4 for student if you shows your student ID,
 then, RM0.50 is for locker rental, last time they return it back but now they charge RM0.50.
Don't lost the key for your locker while training!

RM50 for register and RM70 for monthly fees (still not worth for me) I rather pay per entry and go whatever gym room I like anytime by not getting stuck with the fees if I paid earlier.

The huge free-weight area with large mirror.

 Tons of machines to use, go and check it out for yourselves! chest, back, shoulder, abs, legs, hands, there are more machines than Muscular Gym. Some are new, some are classic.

6 disc cycling machine there facing out of the view (perhaps road) haha..

 The for members only cardio area. There are shirts, soda, mineral water selling at the counter beside and same over-pricing protein selling there.

 Well, the toilet is disgusting I can say, I don't see any shower area, the dim lighting there make me feels sleepy, some broken machine throw around,  is hot sometime because the ceiling is low yet is a great place to training and go hard! forget about those facilities and they do provide great machines and free-weights!

Same thing, don't expect for hot chicks, and expect for some "incredible hulk" there. Anyhow, focus on your training, eat well, rest well, be a healthy and better person, there are lots of hot chick outside gym room waiting for you, peace...brothers!! haha...


  1. Hi there. I am anxious on the place you mentioned above which is kota danau, wangsa maju and may i know where is it? I am staying over here at Taman Danau Kota and been looking around but i can't find it. Is it near Platinum Lake Condo(PV) 12? Thanks for it and looking forward.

  2. it is near by the danau kota's hospital, behind the two petrol stations.

  3. hi there, have u ever go to ultimate gym at wangsa maju?? maybe u can give review

    1. sorry bro, haven been there before but did saw it by some blog view only~

  4. Any girls out there...? I only saw men....thanks..

    1. ya..mostly is men either u go early like in morning section or the afternoon section cuz usually people come after working hours OR u can try few gym that located at wangsa maju near Metroview condo..I did saw some gals gym there before

  5. googling for some good gyms around wangsa maju for girls and ran into your site. just to say hello! :D

    1. lol, hi=) hope u were going for gym by now.