Dec 16, 2011

Why workout/gym/bodybuilding?

I do pause my workout daily routine once in a while,
sometime is a workout routine which I pause and continue for better boost after it,
however, sometime is because I'm off to my uni and automatically off to workout.

Well, I do plagued by lots of bad habit and emotions while I'm off training,
its because  I already take workout as my daily lifestyle,
whenever I'm not doing it, I just feel bad, non-productive everyday.
Whole body system seems not functioning well, that bad!!

Find less motivate to wake up early and sleep early,
less motivate to eat well and to drink plenty of water,
I start to lose some muscle weight,
looking upset inside the mirror,
ALL because I didn't workout! that's the problem!

SO, the reason everyone should have workout or doing sports is because:

It will keep you motivated everyday,
give you great reason to being good at every aspect of your lifestyle,
eat all nutrition stuff, sleep well, wake up early for some light jogging or stretching
and meet some great person who doing the same as you,
every parts of it are providing +ve energy to us.

After that, back to what your job, study, business or whatsoever,
at the noon or night, go hit the gym, get some sweat,
fuel yourself with some good food, protein shakes, and get some sleep.

The lifestyle for a sportsmen I would said,
it is so much more healthier, motivated, discipline day after day.
Keep yourself in good shape and it might add bonus to your life~

Bonus to your career, lifestyle, family, relationship, lots more good times that are coming quietly.
Going better and better, and you going to be happy and happier, that's the point!peeps!


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