Aug 27, 2014



YES U CAN !!!!!!


I did cycling tour around Malaysia three times with limited budget but never jot down the interesting cycling log and share, until this time, I decided to share my latest short cycling tour from 24/7/2014 to 27/7/2014.

Initially, my brother and I are planning to cycle from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Singapore, via the route of Kuala Lumpur - Port Dickson - Melaka - Batu Pahat - Johor Bahru - Singapore,
refers to:

But due to limitation of time and for pleasure of relax cycle touring, we end up with a tour route of
Kuala Lumpur - Port Dickson - Melaka - Muar,
then meet up with my family and end up with a car trip to Singapore.

First thing, GEAR UP.

Both of our bikes are not tour bike, they are road racing bike, so in order to put on the rear pannier, a seat post clamping rear rack was installed with a removable pannier, both get from GM Klang, called Velo Cycle if not mistaken.

Good-side: China made stuff, cheap, 1set of rack and pannier around RM120, no need shipping from China.
It was big and spacious, it tie on the rack firmly.

Downside: It was the only choice of rear pannier the shop offer, pannier too big yet the side rack cover was too short, pannier will touch the rear wheel on and off, so modified needed.  Secondly, no rain cover given, need to seal up everything, in case of raining. Then, if seat post is oversize 31.6mm, the rack's quick release clamp might open up, so need to extra secure by cable tie. ( Since it is cheap, don't expect much )

Stuff to pack:

For myself-- Clothes, Slipper, Towel, Toiletry, Medicine & First Aid Kits, Supplements, Money, ID, Chargers, Electronic Devices: phone, gps, tablet, camera, SJ4000 (alternative gopro), etc.

For bike & riding-- Helmet, Bike Suit, Gloves, Bike Shoes, Sun Glasses, Sunblock, Front & Rear Light, Spare Tire, Spare Tube, Compact Toolkit (for mine is the Topeak Hexus II 16 Folding Tool), etc.

Tips: You don't want to over pack your stuff, because every single thing you carry is an extra weight for you to carry along the trip. Go as minimum as possible and as light as possible. As long you have money, you can grab thing you really need along the way.

Second thing, ROUTE PLANNING.

Google map plays an important role, use it wisely.

Roughly plan the route and set it to avoid highways and tolls, because we are not going to use PLUS Highway to reach anywhere or any major highway.

Then, check the distance that you might need to cover each day, don't go for too long if you are going to cycle everyday, know your limits, you can break it but must sure you can have more rest time in between, have time to explore the stopping area, else it might not be a enjoyable cycling tour, it will become a harsh training section.

And of course check the inclination, check if there are long distance of hill climbing, plan the road nicely.

I usually plan to go from town to town, every different town have something to offer, taste the local famous food and have sightseeing tour.

After planning the route, I will look for some budget and decent place to stay around the town, walking distance to all food and sightseeing are preferable, then call and have my booking. So, the each of the hotel/motel/hostel will be the end point of every destination.

P/S: I will only book for place that no need pay in advance, in case of changing of plan.

SO, that's it, just hit the road and enjoy cycling!

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