Jun 19, 2011

Bulking diet plan

Diet plan of EL LYE~ sounded really insane>
BULKING DIET : 15th oct10

UPON wake up: 6am :
1scoop protein shake (dymatize) + 6pc whole meal bread

breakfast: 8-10egg white(hard boiled) + oats 20spoon(the spoon we eat rice) + 2-4pc whole meal bread + 4amino acid(dymatize) + 2tab (bCAA)(dymatize brand)

2 big bowl of rice + 1pair chicken breast+any vege(steamed no salt no other dressing)

1scoop gainer(dymatize) + 1scoop whey protein( dymatize) +15spoon plain oats

1pm :
same meal as 9am coz i'll b training around 3pm....

pre workout :
protein shake + 12spoon plain oats

post workout :
2scoop whey protein + 1 gainer protein + 18spoon plain oats + 2bowl rice +1 pair chicken breast(eat immediately at gym upon stop training)

6pm :
6yam or 4potato with 1pair chicken breast( grilled no dressing)

730pm :
1scoop protein shake whey and one gainer protein shake + 15spoon plain oats

930pm :
rice + chicken breast one pair.

before bed : casein protein + whey protein+ gainer protein + 10spoon plain oats

try 2 sleep at least 7.5hours per day...not enough sleep u won’t grow too. water per day is 5botol of 1.5lit minimum .

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  1. Crazy man ! It's gonna be a duper huge of diet. Hurts for me! GS :)