Jun 27, 2011

Bigger TUNA -- "Telly Tuna"

I have been taking "Ayam Brand Tuna" all the while,

I have tried all its variety,

such as tuna chunks, tuna flakes that store in sunflower oil, olive oil, mineral water, etc.

because it is easier to serve and prepare.

Grab few slides of bread, spread and eat!

BUT, there is a problem when you want to have bigger portion,

and of course pay more to have more, right?!

Finally I found a substitute of it, hehe...instead of 185g/can of "Ayam Brand Tuna",

I bought a 1.85kg/can of "Telly Brand Tuna" which is 10 times more,

the price of each can of "Ayam Brand Tuna" is about RM4.30, so 10cans is RM43,

but I get this "Telly Brand Tuna Chunks" for RM26 at NSK super-market!

If you looking for Tuna Flakes is only RM23!

Better deal is it?!

After some hard time opening it by using the can opener, this is the TUNA CHUNKS inside~

About its nutrition facts, what I focus on is the protein amount: 26kg/100g more or less same as the "Ayam Brand Tuna", because they're both TUNA what!

This is the way I store it up and took a portion of it as my supper.

Here it is, ready to store in the fridge.

Lastly, those tiny little flakes don't waste too! feed my dog! hahaha....

Hope you guys get some idea to prepare a better and cheaper meal by your own,

though it not a very healthy food (can food),

yet it's great for those who looking for better portion of Tuna like me! PROTEIN!!!


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